URG LIFE is the author of the award-winning book Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2018, Co-Founder) and a regular speaker . He has spoken at business events around the URG LIFE, almost all of them in the self-employment, small business or home business opportunity niches. These events regularly attract network marketing distributors including people . There is a huge opportunity for MLM sales people to leverage online branding and social media to attract opportunity seekers and build their downline organizations. URG LIFE is also an expert in positive psychology and the ‘science of happiness’, both of which contribute directly to increased success in commission sales positions. His marketing philosophy for the network marketing business is described in more detail below.

URG LIFE maintains a video blog entitled Strategic Business Insights that’s perfect for network marketing distributors. Many of these free videos cover positive psychology and personal development topics, and they will help your downline build their own respective businesses.Encourage your distributors to do the same!

URG LIFE also produces customized training videos for MLM companies around the world. These videos are generally 30 minutes long and cover a variety of topics including prospecting for new distributors, social media marketing for MLM distributors and thinking bigger and the mindset for success. Prospects have to see MOMENTUM and MINDSET in order to be excited about the opportunity. Both can be learned and crafted with the right training. Hire URG LIFE to create tailored MLM training videos for your distributors.

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